1 on 1 Adventures is a specialised service offered by an adventurous sports coach looking to make a bigger difference in the lives of children, parents and adults.

For kids

After school extra murals often don’t provide enough individual attention leaving children feeling left behind and frustrated that they were just another face lost in the crowd.

1 on 1 Adventures offers activities outside the realms of conventional team sports. We focus on the rewards and challenges of alternative forms of exercising and getting out into nature with ADVENTURE SPORTS – Rock climbing, Kayaking/SUPing, Mountain Biking, and Trail Running.

Ryan, a professional 1 on 1 Coach will collect your child straight from their school (if requested) and have all the necessary equipment ready for the afternoons activity. The activity will run for roughly 2/2,5 hours after which your child will be safely returned home (if requested) hopefully full of mud, sweat and sun block.  

The intensity of each activity will be designed around your child’s current and potential skill level and experience.  From first time kayakers learning how to hold a paddle, to weekend mountain bike warriors who may need help with body position and confidence.  

Check out https://1on1adventures.co.za/kidsexperiences/

For parents

Parents are welcome and encouraged to come along FOR FREE* on any of the activities to witness or participate in the magic of adventure sports with their children.  

The goal is for your child, and you to gain the skills and confidence necessary to continue to participate in your favourite adventure sport without a 1 on 1 coach, when ready.  

*Parents please note – If you would like to participate with us during any of the lessons, please understand that you may be liable for your own entrance fees and equipment hire at certain venues.

Contact Ryan@1on1adventures.co.za to find out more

For adults

1 on 1 Adventures has tailor made ADULT ONLY experiences that will take you to your limit AND we’ll bring you back safely!

Rock climbing, Kayaking/SUPing, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Abseiling, Kloofing, Hiking and Team Building –

Check out https://1on1adventures.co.za/adventuresforadults/

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